Craft your next steps in digital with IGNITE. 

Great digital experiences start with great ideas. And that's what PaperKite IGNITE is all about: big dreaming, playful thinking, and rule-breaking in crafting your next steps in Digital.

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How IGNITE works

We'll guide your group through a high-energy series of user-centred design exercises to bring together a common understanding of your vision. From defining goals and drawing out ideal customer journeys, to mapping technical complexity against user value, we go wide across issues and deep into potential solutions.

Who attends?

With your brightest customer-inspired team members and PaperKite’s blend of creatives and techies, we’ll have the smartest creators in the room collaborating to produce fantastic results. We suggest you pick 3 to 5 of your team who understand your audiences, represent diverse areas of expertise across your business and we’ll bring the whiteboard markers!

What happens next?

Following an IGNITE workshop, we'll deliver a comprehensive capture of outputs and concepts, as well as further PaperKite research and recommendations. And if you like what you see, talk to us about how we can help bring your digital solution to life!

Common outputs you can expect:

Customer personas

UI wireframe concepts

Product features

Technical validation

Analysed feature set

High-level user flow concepts

Full-scale digital solution pricing

IGNITE Digital

Bring software, UI and UX together to deliver maximum business and customer impact.

PaperKite will join forces with your customer-inspired team members for a user-centered session to stitch together a common understanding of your vision.

Craft a superior customer experience

Workshop ideas & arrive at solutions 

IGNITE Experimentation 

Prototype a new digital experience - or reimagine an existing one - and validate it with your customers. We'll guide you through our agile process.

Receive comprehensive outputs

Your team will walk away with a comprehensive set of outputs, concepts, research and recommendations including customer personas, high-level user flows and UI wireframe concepts, and technical validation.

Working remote?
We can facilitate digital Design Sprints without the need to all 
be in one room!