PaperKite Visitor Vaccination Policy

Our Visitor Vaccine Policy came into effect 31 January, 2022 and this page was last updated on 9 February 2022.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we work and made PaperKite think about how we reduce the risk to our team, to you, and to do our bit to protect our community. Protecting the health and wellbeing of our people, clients, whānau and community is our highest priority. 

As the NZ government was working on the Traffic Light System (COVID-19 Protection Framework), PaperKite worked through different workable scenarios. PaperKite assessed the risk and the comfort of our team members around sharing spaces with colleagues and visitors.

From 31 January 2022, PaperKite requires that all visitors to our office located Level 1, NEC House, 40 Taranaki Street (or any other PaperKite location), or those attending a meeting, workshop or event at PaperKite, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This also applies to our team, and contractors wishing to work from PaperKite’s office. 

The following decisions have also been made about at what setting visitors can come on site during the Traffic Light System:

  • Red: no visitors can come on site (even if they can comply with the Policy);
  • Orange: if visitors can comply with the Policy, they may come on site; and 
  • Green: if visitors can comply with the Policy, they may come on site

What this means for you

If you are visiting the PaperKite office, from 31 January 2022, your meeting host will send you our policy in advance of you visiting us. If you confirm that you do comply with the policy, then the meeting can go ahead in our space. If you cannot, then no biggie, just speak with your meeting host to arrange an alternative to meeting in our offices; we continue to conduct meetings using video conferencing tools successfully. 


At this stage we are not asking for proof of vaccination at our offices. Instead, we are asking you to confirm you’ve read and understood our policy, by filling out this brief online webform for you to complete. Please complete this form as soon as possible.


You will also be required to scan PaperKite’s QR code upon arrival.

We are implementing this policy because we believe that, at this time, vaccinations are how we keep our communities, whānau and each of us individually safe.

What this means for Clients, Contractors, Visitors, & Guests to the PK Office:

They must be fully vaccinated (prior to your arrival by verifying, as a condition of visiting the PaperKite office, you comply with our policy. And if not, the meeting will need to be organised away from our workspace).

What this means for people arriving to our building (NEC House):

Once you have confirmed that you comply with our policy, and you come onto our site, everybody must also continue to wear masks in all communal areas (lobby, stairwells, lifts and communal bathrooms).

We will update and review our policy as the situation around COVID-19 evolves alongside government guidelines. 

If you have any questions or concerns with anything outlined here, please reach out to us on 04-831 5346 or at

Thank you for your continued support of PaperKite and the mahi we do.

Nic Gibbens,