Here at PaperKite, we put people first.

The PaperKite Story

PaperKite is the brainchild of our Founder, Nic Gibbens, who started us off back in 2010. Since then we’ve been teaming up with some of the best brands in Aotearoa, Australia and beyond to imagine and deliver world-class digital experiences. 

The name PaperKite all stems from the concept of simplicity. While there are a lot of complex factors that allow a kite to stay in the sky, for the user their experience is one of wonder and enjoyment. And that’s how we approach all of our products – mask all the complexity and focus on the humans we are designing for. 

"Over time, we’ve morphed from being just the app development company that we were at the beginning. Now we’re really concerned with generating better digital experiences and outcomes for our customers whether that be an app or otherwise.”

PaperKite has been crafting digital experiences for over a decade and we aren’t in the business of “good enough”. We’ve got specialists in user experience, product design, mobile app development, web and platform engineering, quality assurance… we could keep going. But what we really do best is our product thinking. We get digital. It’s what we live and breathe.

Our Team

Our Team

We love to celebrate our people. We put our people front and centre with a People Experience Strategy vision where PaperKite is a place where our contributions matter, we are challenged in what we do, and each PaperKiter is a valued member of our vibrant community.

We have a team of extremely talented people from a range of cultures, backgrounds, and ways of life. Our differences make us stronger.  


Priya Bhana

Director of People & Culture

Rob Holmes

Discovery Director

Nic Gibbens


Barney Vollans

Delivery Director

Alicia Sowerby

Operations Lead

Kelsey Gee

UX Lead

Andrew Joel

Product Strategy Lead

Chen Chen

Mobile Lead

Cole Holyoake

Product Designer

Rebecca Pinheiro

Web & Platform Developer

Jacky Li

Android Developer

Alex Medcalf

UX Researcher

Monty Anderson

Web & Platform Lead

Shahil Khan

Web & Platform Developer

Kyōko Kajiyama

Web & Platform Developer

Gregory Yee

Web & Platform Developer

Calum Turner

Product Designer

Sammy Brown

Studio Assistant

Daniel Grey

iOS Developer

Steph Kan

Client Delivery Manager

ZongZheng Wang

iOS Developer

Simon Li

Support & Integration Engineer

Vaughan Flowers

Android Developer

Luyando Banda

Web & Platform Developer

Zoe Udy

Client Delivery Manager







Words from our Senior Leadership Team

“As a leadership team we strive to make PaperKite a place where everyone can do their most meaningful work everyday. We’re here to find the why behind every problem presented to us and our solutions support the end user each step of the way.

Every member of PaperKite brings a diverse set of experiences and strengths and it’s only by embracing our collective genius that we can achieve our full potential.

We love to celebrate our people and truly value our team culture above all else. We are committed to being a team that supports equal opportunity and inclusion of all cultures, backgrounds, and ways of life.”

PaperKite HQ

NEC House, Level 1,
40 Taranaki Street,
Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Headquartered in the coolest little capital of the world, Wellington has always been home to PaperKite. We’ve moved around town, and can now be found right in the heart of our city. Our recent move to our new workspace in Taranaki Street, Wellington embraces everything our team loves about work at PaperKite. From flexible workspaces, to communal hangout areas and inspirational notes in the bathroom. It’s a space that is welcoming to staff and clients alike.

“We invest heavily in our office because we love working together, and embracing that collective genius that comes with it"

Our Values

PaperKite’s core values represent who we are and what we stand for. They are an integral part of our day-to-day culture and way of working. We are very proud of the way they guide us in the way we run our business.

Tell The Kind Truth
Be straight up with each other, but don’t be a dick about it. PaperKite relies on constructive challenge, but don’t make it personal.


Always Be More Better
Be empowered to keep improving. And don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Improve yourself and improve PaperKite. If you think something needs to change, you have the power to make it happen. Put your hand up and make it better. Be the change you seek. You can do it!


Find The Why
Don’t be afraid to ask ‘why’. Understand the problem before concluding on a solution. Be curious. If you don’t understand something, it is in your power to go and find out.


Champion The End User
Aim to build the best possible outcome for the end user. Really understand the person using the product, and fight for what you think is right for their needs.


Embrace Our Collective Genius
Our team and clients are made up of smart, brilliant individuals. We are even stronger when we collaborate together. Trust in the team, and the belief that collaboration is why we get up in the morning.