Design Sprints


A PaperKite Design Sprint is a four day workshop that uses industry-leading approaches to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with actual customers. We bring together experts from across your business and pair them PaperKite experts at the forefront of their disciplines.

What to expect

Why choose a design sprint?

Ready to disrupt your industry?

Do you want to move faster than your competitors to execute better with digital? Do you sense a threat in your industry? A design sprint is the perfect way to respond and make a plan.

Feel like it takes a long time to make progress in your organisation?

A business with many passionate experts can take a long time to agree on any direction. A design sprint is the fastest way to test out a number of hunches and rapidly develop thinking in a single week.

Aspire to build an innovation practice in your org?

A design sprint is the perfect way to demonstrate to stakeholders the tangible value of an internal innovation practice.

We’ve selected the best bits of Google Ventures  Design Sprints, Lean Methodologies, and Design Thinking to create an an approach that works for organisations of all sizes.

Our IGNITE Design Sprints rapidly unlock meaningful changes for our clients and in turn their customers, energising the business from the working group through to senior leadership. Working together in a sprint, allows you to: 

  • Compress months of work into a single week
  • Understand the value of your idea before you go to market
  • Get instant feedback on prototypes from customers.

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