PaperKite selected as an integration partner to wire up Rippl with the National Contact Tracing Solution

PaperKite is one of three vendors selected by The Ministry of Health to integrate its contact tracing solution (Rippl) with the Ministry’s published APIs

PaperKite released Rippl, for privacy-first contact tracing, to the New Zealand market in early May 2020. This was quickly adopted by thousands of businesses, and sponsored for local businesses and community organisations by both the Wellington City Council and Dunedin City Council. By late May, Rippl was the first mobile app to support the data specifications to read the NZ COVID Tracer QR codes.

Awarded the prestigious Privacy Trust Mark award by the Privacy Commissioner in June, Rippl has maintained a position as a highly regarded and popular contact tracing app that provides New Zealanders with an alternative way of keeping track of where they’ve been, and being notified if deemed necessary by the Ministry.

In June, PaperKite collaborated with the Ministry to provide feedback on their preliminary contact tracing API documentation and in July PaperKite registered its interest in working with the Ministry to validate how the APIs under development would work with third-party solutions.

Key criteria to be considered for partnering with the Ministry is the need to ensure that each user’s location history is recorded securely, and that no user information would be shared with the Ministry without the user’s consent. This made PaperKite’s Rippl an obvious choice.

“We are really excited to be confirmed as integration partners” says PaperKite Chief Executive Antony Dixon. “This milestone is a very important step for Rippl and gives us immense confidence to continue investing in technology to help the New Zealand public health system.”

Current Status

Work is now underway to confirm Rippl’s ability to achieve technical integration with the contact tracing APIs.

In the interim, PaperKite will continue to manually send push notification alerts when advised by the National Investigation and Tracing Centre.

New Zealanders using Rippl can be assured their scan history data will be shared with the Ministry for contact tracing only if they have given their consent.

Future State

The Ministry plans to implement a certification framework for API integration. Through a working partnership of consultation and feedback, PaperKite looks forward to the publication of certification criteria and establishing its compliance as a certified partner. PaperKite also commits to explore mutual opportunities to enhance the Ministry of Health’s integration platform that could benefit both parties and the wider health and population of New Zealand.

Rippl integration with the Ministry’s contact tracing APIs will:

  • improve contact tracing by:
    • increasing the range and volume of information available to contact tracers
    • enabling more New Zealanders to receive contact alerts and share their location histories with the Ministry
    • making it easier to make direct contact with people who may have been exposed to COVID-19
  • provide New Zealanders with greater choice in the way they keep track of where they’ve been and who they’ve seen.


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