aboutGOLF Locker

Companion app for the world’s leading golf simulation platform.




Iterative Product Development
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A tech solution for a traditional sport

In a game where social connection is a drawcard, and practice makes perfect, aboutGOLF pioneered the golf simulation industry. Whether you’re keen to try the sport for the first time, or you’re working on your long drive, the aboutGOLF platform allows you to have an authentic playing experience. Today, modern golfers, from beginners to experts, can enjoy using cloud-powered golf simulators at their local golf store, driving range or bar.

Collaborating with Provoke

PaperKite were fortunate to partner with Provoke, and work closely with aboutGOLF to deliver the mobile app component of their wider digital transformation. With Provoke managing the back end technical transformation, PaperKite were charged with updating their existing mobile app to create a next generation experience that leveraged the power of the cloud.

Introducing aG Locker

Leveraging the power of the cloud, aG Locker is the perfect companion app to provide insight into every aspect of your golf game. Users can store hundreds of data points per swing to learn how to improve their game The aG Locker mobile app gives users constant access to their performance and a community hub for all things golf.

All your golf data in one place

aG Locker allows you to track every shot you take and know your actual distances for all the clubs in your bag. Identify trends and see real-time progress of every aspect of your game.

Connect to the Golf Community

Join a growing global community of modern golfers. Post and share your personal bests and achievements, like that 300-yard drive! Grow your own personal following and share your insight. Compete and connect via local, regional, and global competition.

CES 2020 Innovation Awards

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.We’re so proud of the aboutGOLF team for being named as an honoree in the 2020 awards.