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The best damned pizza in this life or the next.

Hell Pizza is New Zealand’s leading gourmet pizza provider, originally founded in our own backyard of Wellington. Known for their playful brand and tasty slices, Hell now has dozens of stores across the country and are continuing to grow their empire.

Hell Mobile Apps​

The Hell mobile apps are native on both iOS and Android. Customers have full access to the entire Hell menu at their fingertips. And with in-built payment capabilities, getting the tastiest treats in town has never been easier!

The Hell brand has been brought to life with a number of custom animations. The flames of Hell greet you as you first open the menu. The interface iconography is made up of skulls and bones. Even the iconic Hell hearse makes an appearance when your order is on it’s way to be delivered.

Make it yours

With the full menu at your disposal, users can customise their orders to their heart’s content. The app saves your preferences to your account and with a few quick taps, you can re-order your faves to be picked up or delivered straight to your door.

In early 2021 we helped Hell design and release the ‘Your Favourite Sins’ tab. We designed and animated a crystal ball that predicts a users desired order and makes suggestions.

Favourite Sins makes predictions based off users previous orders, so all the favourites are front and center when the app is opened for more efficient ordering!

More features we're proud of:

In-App Feedback Mechanism​

As part of Hell’s ongoing effort to deliver quality products to its customers, Hell introduced a “feedback mechanism” feature. Users are prompted to take a photo of their pizza upon delivery, submit it to Hell and be rewarded for their participation!

Driver App​​

Not only do Hell customers have a bespoke consumer mobile experience, but so do the delivery drivers! With the Android Driver app, Hell’s delivery team now has an intuitive tool to help them locate their drop off destination and simplify the payment process.

Contactless Delivery​

When Alert Level 3 hit for COVID-19 in 2020, physical distancing became a must in New Zealand. Cue Hell Pizza to invent Contactless Delivery for their mobile app, so drivers can safely drop off pizzas on doorsteps. Even when alert levels were reduced, customers could still optionally request contactless delivery.

“When Hell needed a contactless delivery option for our mobile apps, we were glad to know that PaperKite could deliver fast. A solution was ready and rolled out in no time.”

Jamie Armour, Developer & Support Analyst, HELL Pizza

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