How often should you review your mobile app functionality?

Mobile apps have fundamentally transformed many aspects of our daily lives...

From ordering food, navigating around town, and purchasing items online. Mobile apps have integrated themselves as part of our daily routine. Tech columnist Chris Morris summarises this by stating  “technology has improved and streamlined our day-to-day activities, disrupting the status quo and making things easier”

The rise of mobile apps, and our increased reliance on them, has changed our behaviours and directly affects how we interact with the world around us. With this shift in behaviour, users now expect that brands and organisations have mobile apps they can interact with to better satisfy their needs. This user expectation has only multiplied in light of the recent events of self-isolation and social distancing occurring around the globe – digital experiences are considered the safest form of interaction in today’s world.

More and more organisations are developing and releasing mobile apps into the market to try and keep ahead of the curve. But once your app has been released into the market, how can you ensure that your mobile app remains relevant to users? How do you know your mobile app continues to delight users when their behaviours are constantly changing? How do you know if you can improve app performance in your Android or iOS products?

How do you know when your mobile app needs some love? 

User Impact:

This is the obvious place to start when evaluating a mobile app. A user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) review is a great place to start. Assessing the current user journeys that exist in the app will identify the points of friction you need to reduce, and moments of delight you need to maintain. A mobile app test for accessibility will reveal how accessible your app is for users of varying ability. As customer behaviour matures and changes, mobile app journeys may need to change with it to continue delighting users.

Business Impact:

Knowing if your app is working for you or against is vital. Does your app meet intended business outcomes and how does it compare to your success metrics? What is engagement like? How responsive is the user base you have built? Analysing your app maintenance strategy is important to ensure long term success, even years after your app has been in the market.

Technical Impact

There are a lot of factors that contribute to mobile app performance. Code hygiene can play an important role, security and privacy concerns should always be front of mind, there are also external dependencies such as libraries that could change, and mandatory operating system updates can mean regular reviews and changes are necessary. Optimising the technical aspect of your app will give you a strong foundation to build great user experiences, and in turn generate positive business impact.

Knowing when your mobile app needs some love – and doing something about it – can provide as much impact as the day when your app was first launched to market.

But it can be hard knowing where to start. The key areas listed above give insight into what you need to consider when thinking about the state of an app, but how do you know what changes are the most important for you to make? What you really need is someone to run through a mobile app testing checklist, even better if they’re external to your organisation and can examine your app with a fresh set of eyes.

A Mobile App Audit will give you a full review of your app’s current status, providing insight into the user impact, business impact, and technical impact of your app. As all apps are different, an app tester can ensure results of your app audit will be individualised to your app, giving you a unique, detailed set of recommendations based on your situation that you can implement in order to improve your digital offering. Mobile App Audits can be carried out completely remotely, so it doesn’t matter where you are located at all, PaperKite can help you out!

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