Rippl permanently FREE for Not For Profit Businesses and anyone without an NZBN!

And to celebrate New Zealand moving to Level 1, All businesses can now register for FREE if they sign up within the next 7 days.

Kia ora everyone – we made it to Level 1!

Now that life is (nearly) back to normal, it may be tempting to let our guard down with regard to contact tracing. But in order to keep us from having to move back into Level 2 or higher, we need to stay vigilant.

That’s why we’re making Rippl free for all new sign-ups in the next 7 days. From mid-afternoon Wednesday 10 June through the end of Tuesday 16 June, get your Rippl QR code for free for 90 days – with no obligation to renew. 

We’re also making Rippl free – permanently – for all organisations without an NZBN and for all not-for-profits. And this includes personal events. Do you run a school or community centre? Are you having a wedding? Throwing a party? Want people to check in at your house? (No joke – our tech director, Rob Holmes, has a Rippl QR code on his door!) Use Rippl to make it easy for your guests to manage their digital diary responsibly, conveniently, and privately.

Rippl is a superb way to help open your doors to customers and guests. With zero forms to fill in, and requiring no Internet connection, Rippl check-ins are fast and easy. Rippl also handles the duration of your customers’ visits, and has a built-in alert feature to notify them of any possible COVID-19 exposure. Compared with pen and paper check-ins or time-consuming online forms, Rippl is the fastest, most private, and most convenient contact tracing solution in Aotearoa (and perhaps the world).

If you like Rippl, and you want to help us cover the cost of bringing you a privacy-first solution to contact tracing, you’ll have the option to make a small koha contribution to our costs when you sign up – this is not expected, but it would be gratefully received.

Ngā mihi, and stay healthy out there,

-The Rippl team