Preparing for the Future: What Trends Our Mobile Experience Survey Found

The mobile experience industry evolves so fast, it can be difficult to keep up. But today, it's more vital than ever for companies across the globe to do this well.

We noticed that when it came to mobile user experience, there didn’t seem to be any data for New Zealand.
Our team decided to take matters into their own hands and conduct a Mobile Experience Survey – a longitudinal pulse check for New Zealand’s mobile tech scene.

In the survey, respondents were asked a variety of questions on four key themes related to the mobile industry, including:

  • customer experience,
  • security and privacy,
  • technical performance,
  • current challenges.

The data we collected gave us a clear picture of how the mobile industry is progressing in New Zealand.

Two significant findings, in particular, stood out.

Security and privacy

One of our findings indicated that right now, developers, designers, marketers and product owners are heavily prioritising security and privacy.

This is a trend that some saw coming, especially since The Office of the Privacy Commissioner here in New Zealand launched The Privacy Trust Mark in 2018. Since then, The Privacy Trust Mark has been awarded to six organisations.

However, the introduction of The Privacy Trust Mark and our survey’s findings mean that businesses that aren’t in line with this trend could soon find themselves in trouble. 

Customer experience

The second notable insight that our survey uncovered was that a significant number of respondents said their organisations were intentionally focused on the customer experience of their mobile apps.
The majority of respondents indicated their primary reason for this was to increase customer satisfaction.

It’s no secret that creating a really great, memorable experience for customers can hugely impact satisfaction. By dedicating more energy to developing a customer-centric strategy, businesses will be establishing a level of differentiation that is unlike anything that has been traditionally played. Similar to security and privacy, businesses that aren’t prioritising their customer experience run the risk of being left behind. 

Our organisation has always strongly valued security and privacy and consistently prioritise customer experience and satisfaction.

As a result of our work on Rippl, a product aimed at helping hospitality businesses maintain their operations during the first lockdown, we were the third company ever in New Zealand to receive The Privacy Trust Mark.

We also decided years ago to champion the end-user and create products that give people time back in their day, and not to create something that simply consumes their time for the sake of engagement.

To better understand the current trends in the mobile industry, we encourage everyone to review the findings of this survey and apply them to their own businesses to stay on top of trends and progress towards a more prosperous future.

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