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CES goes digital for the first time.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) worked a little differently this year. We discuss what worked and what didn’t, and the innovative products we loved.

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App Development

iOS 14 and Android 11 updates – A PaperKite review

Last year we took a look at iOS 13 updates, which were significant for the Apple platform. This year we’re keen to unpack iOS 14 updates, and Android 11 updates, and understand what it means for our development team, and our clients!

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Digital Strategy

Attending Pause Fest 2020

I was incredibly lucky to head over to Melbourne in the first week of February to attend PauseFest 2020. As it says on their website, PauseFest is “the world’s leading festival for business and creativity.”

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Emerging Tech

Dabbling in Virtual Reality

In 2016 Rydges Hotels came looking for an App that would completely blow away their competition and give them a boost in the market. We helped build them a Virtual Reality app, and decided to share some of the lessons learnt along the way.

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